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Silver Three Cent Pieces

     Three cent silver pieces were minted in three different types from 1851 to 1873.  Though type 1 consists of only 4 of the 24 year/mint combinations, 85% of all 3 cent pieces minted were type 1.  Conversely, 15 of the 24 year/mint combinations are type 3 but together they represent only 3.7% of the total mintage.

     The combined silver content of all 3 cent coins was 840,900 ounces.  By comparison, the silver content of quarters minted in 1964 alone was 229,467,466 ounces; 273 times as much silver.

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Type 1
1 outline in star
.0193 Oz. silver

Type 2
3 outlines in star
.0218 Oz. silver
Type 3
2 outlines in star
.0218 Oz. silver

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