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France's "Ultimate Franc", released in 2001 is bowed like a Pringles chip.  It includes no design elements and almost all of the text is on the coin's edge.

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Exact Change includes coins from around the world

    Exact change includes pre-fabricated databases for both coins and paper money from pretty much every country or money-issuing authority.  These are not "Add-On options", they're not "Sold separately", they're included with the Exact Change program.  Even if you collect only U.S. coinage, you can, at any time, add any other country without an additional purchase.

    When you select a country, Exact Change will automatically add the structure for that country to your collection.  Many countries are further divided into historical periods.  For example, Germany is further divided into: German Empire (1871-1918), Weimar Republic (1919-1933), Third Reich (1933-1945), Allied Occupation (1944-1948), French occupied Saarland (1945-1957), East Germany (1948-1990), West Germany (1948-) and the  Euro Monetary Reform.  Each period is divided by denomination, and each type of coin is listed under the coresponding denomination.

    Of course, you can rearrange your collection however you wish; you can change the way coin types are grouped by clicking and dragging them to rearrange them, change the name of a coin type, change the pictures used to depict that coin type and so forth.  The pre-fabricated database expedites the process of adding new countries to your collection but you're not compelled to accept any of the numerous judgment calls that we made when we constructed these roadmaps to the coinage of each country.

    Year/Mint mark combinations and mintage figures are built into the Exact Change database, so you can add a country and immediately start entering coins.  If you wish, you can add the entire world to your collection database with a single click.

    While other coin collecting software may include cheesy little images of U.S. coinage, Exact Change includes over Eighty Five thousand images for coins from around the globe.  These high resolution images display a level of crisp detail and you can, at any time, download new images as we keep adding to the Exact Change image library.



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