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Exact Change includes ten date converters to assist you in deciphering dates for coins not dated according to the Christian Era (A.D.) calendar, or dated with non-western characters
With Exact Change, dates like ١٤٢٧ and תּשׁסּוּ can easily be converted to their A.D. equivalents.

    Israeli (Hebrew) dates
Arab/Persian dates
Burmese dates
Thai dates
Bengali dates
Nepalese dates
Roman numbers
Japanese dates
Taiwanese dates
Ethiopian dates

    While each date converter is slightly different, the principal behind each is the same.  Simply click on the characters that represent the coin's date and Exact change will calculate the equivalent A.D. date.  You really don't have to understand the various dating systems, just tell Exact Change what you see and it will tell you what the coin's date is.




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