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In 2006 Australia Honored Dame Edna Everage (Barry Humphries) on a 50 coin.

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Exact Change Version 6.1 is now available

Version 6.1 of Exact Change provides new Face value functionality for world coinage.  Previously, face value calculations had only applied to U.S. coinage because a coins value relative to it's face value if the coin was, for example, and Albanian Lek.  Since Exact Change now has access to Forex rates (foreign Exchange rates) it can run all of those calculations.  For example, if an collector from Australia visits the European Union and plucks a 2 Euro coin from circulation, the program can calculate the cost (face value) of that coin as $3.21 in Australian dollars.  Any report can now include teh face value as AUD 3.21 or as EUR 2.00  since they're equivalent amounts (as of this writing).  Does that sound a bit confusing?  If so, you don't really need to worry about it because it's all automated; when you tell Exact Change what kind of currency you use, the program takes care of all the rest.

In the "Series properties" window there's now a setting for the type of currency this coin type represents, and the amout as well (in the image at right, it's a 2 Euro coin), 

Note: We typed in the face values for all exchangeable coins and notes from any country (any coins or notes that have not been demonetized).  Your collection file will pick up all those settings that we entered the next time that you update the price list and choose to add any coin types.  However, you can force it to load in all of those face values immediately by right-clicking on "Entire collection" and then selecting "Update this series" from the pop-up menu (after you've installed Version 6.1).  This isn't vital by any means, if you skip this then the program will pick up that new data as it goes along.

Further building on the foreign exchange capabilities of Exact Change, the "Exchange rates" window now has a spot where you can enter a monetary amount.  The table then shows that figure as it relates to every other currency system.  Previously the window had assumed a value of 1 (i.e. USD $1.00 = 135.26 Algerian dinars),  The addition of that one edit box makes the window a handy tool for easily converting any amount to or from any other currency.









Exact Change Version 6.0 is now available

Version 6 of Exact Change is unlike any previous update of the program; it's an entire re-write of the program in a new language in order to take advantage of the latest software development tools. 

The installation file for the trial version and the fully licensed file are now the same download (if you've entered a license code then that eliminates the trial mode restrictions).  So you can install version six by downloading the installation program:


Click here to download Exact Change version 6 Windows edition
File Name: ExactChangeWindowsSetup.exe




Click here to download Exact Change version 6 Mac edition
File Name: ExactChangeMacSetup.zip

Before installing the new version, you should make a backup copy of your collection file.  When you open a collection file in version 6, the program will automatically convert it to accommodate some new program features so older versions of the program won't recognize the modified file.  It's just always a good idea to keep a backup copy of your data file in a safe place when making big changes.  If you've modified the standard price lists, you'll probably want to back up your price lists too. 


Some of the changes you'll find in version 6:


Multi-platform design:

Both the Windows and Macintosh editions are created with the same program code (as opposed to being two different programs of similar functionality).  This means that new features and program updates will be available for both Windows and Macintosh users at the same time; both editions will carry the same version number in all future releases.




The "Add Countries" menu, which was used to add the coins or paper money from additional countries to your collection file, has been replaced with the new "Country Explorer".  You'll find the Country Explorer to be much easier to use; you don't need to identify the continent before selecting a country and countries may be listed under each name by which they may be identified (i.e. United Kingdom and Great Britain)


Version 6 can automatically download the latest close prices for each of the precious coinage metals as well as exchange rates for each of 156 different world currencies.  A ticker at the bottom of the "Series" page displays the current spot prices.  

When you select a base currency, the values that Exact Change produces are quoted in that currency.  In other words, when an Australian user looks at the melt value of a coin, they'll see that value in Australian dollars.

The currency conversion functionality works the other way too.  For example, when printing 2x2 inserts, you can choose to include a coin's price in both Euros and U.S. Dollars, for example.



Version 6 No longer utilizes a external file manager (the "Web Update Wizard").  Instead, the new program interacts directly with our server to provide you with program updates, image updates and price list updates, as well as the spot price and foreign exchange rate data described above.  This means that Exact Change can better provide you with a status of any file transfers.  You may need to grant the Exact Change program permission to communicate through your firewall.  




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