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Below are answers to some of the more common questions regarding Exact Change.  If you don't see an answer to your question here, please email us at WildMan@ExactChange.Info

New Users
Using Exact Change
Using the Report press
Using the Wallpaper Press


New users

70,000 images?  Did you just scan images from a book or something? None of the images were scanned from a book, they're all scanned directly from the coins and paper money.
Will I have to buy upgrades and updates? No, there is no charge for updates which can be easily installed via Exact Change's "Live update" feature.  There are no annual fees, no additional costs, period.


I don't know if my Windows is a 32-bit or 64-bit version, so how can I tell which version of Exact Change I should install? When you install Exact Change from the DVD, it will automatically detect weather you have a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system and install the appropriate software.  The digital download option provides links to either version of Exact Change.  If you're unsure which version to install, the 32-bit version will work on either.  However, you can find out what version of Windows you have by right-clicking on "Computer" and selecting properties from the menu that pops up (a window will then appear which tells you all about your version of Windows).  Another easy way to tell is to look at the root directory of your hard drive.  If you have bot a "Program Files" directory and a "Program Files (x86) directory, then you have a 64-bit version of Windows.
I switched from a Mac to a PC or visa versa.  Do I need to buy a new copy since I switched machines? The Windows and Macintosh editions, while file compatible, are different products.  A license pertains to one or the other.
I upgraded from 32-bit Windows to 64-bit Windows.  Do I need to buy a new copy since I upgraded my computer? No. People change machines all the time and we don't charge you for a license when you already have one.  We do not have any charges beyond the initial software purchase, period. 
I can't tell if a digit in the DVD license code is the number one or the letter "I", the number zero or the letter "O". The Exact Change license code, which is required during installation, is entirely numeric.  There are no letters in it.

Using Exact Change

I installed many countries when I installed Exact Change, but when I start a new collection, it doesn't include those countries. When you start a new collection, Exact Change defaults to including only coins from your own country.  For example, if you're in the United States, it will include U.S. coinage. You can add any countries you wish by clicking the "Add Counties" option in the "File" menu. You may have many collections at one time, and some collection may include countries that other collections do not.
My friend uses Exact Change on his Macintosh and I use Windows.  Can I convert my data file so that he can view it on his computer? The Windows an Macintosh editions of Exact Change are file compatible; there's no conversion necessary.  Just save your collection file to a flash drive or attach it to an email and send it to your friend.
I inadvertently set Exact Change to display Spanish, now I can't find my way through the menus to set it back to English. There is an easy key sequence to resolve this.  Hold down the Control (Ctrl), Alternate (Alt), and Shift keys at the same time.  While holding down these three keys, press the "E" key to switch to English.  You can switch to any language by holding down these three keys and pressing the first letter of the language you want:
English: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E
Spanish: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S
French: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F
German: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-G
Italian: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I
Portuguese: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-P
Norwegian: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-N
I collect some weird coin type that Exact Change doesn't list.  Can I add these coins? Though Exact Change comes with structures for just about any country in the world, there may be instances where you want to add your own types of coins or tokens.  Just right-click in the series editor to add a new folder for a country, denomination, coin type or what ever.  The new types you add are treated by Exact Change just like the predefined coin types.
The Arab date converter or Hebrew date converter sometimes translates a date that is a year higher or lower than I expected. Because January 1st is not recognized as the start of a new year is these regions, there is a period at the beginning and end of each year where the calendar will be shifted by one year.  For example the Jewish new year begins with Rashashana, an autumn festival.  Therefore, Israeli coins minted very late in the year would fall after the Jewish new year and prior to January 1st.  For the most part this is purely academic, the date listed in the Exact Change price list will match the date on the coin.  The one exception is Arab coins minted at the beginning or end of the year that display the date according to both the Arab and Christian era calendars.
When converting dates on Iranian and Afghan coins, the date converter comes up with dates that are way off. Coins of Iran and Afghanistan are dated according to the S.H. or M.S. era rather than the A.H. era.  Try changing this on the drop-down box in the Arab date converter and you should get a date that falls within the mintage period for the coin you're working in.

Using the Report press

I created a custom report, but I don't see it listed on the reports page in Exact Change. Exact Change creates a list of available reports at the time the program is started.  If you use the Report Press while Exact Change is running in the background, the report will not be listed in Exact Change until the next time the program is started.  The list of available reports is pulled from the reports folder in the directory where you installed Exact Change.  If you create a custom report, it should be saved in that reports folder.

Using the Wallpaper Press

How big of a photomural can I create with the Exact Change Wallpaper press? The wallpaper press creates a photomural by printing one coin image for each pixel in the mural image.  Each pixel can be as large as a sheet of paper.  That is, you could print one coin image per sheet.  Therefore, a coin image that is 4000 by 4000 pixels could theoretically be printed so large that it would be more than a mile long on each side.  While that's a bit extreme, the wallpaper press can create a photomural that will cover any wall you may encounter.
How does the Wallpaper Press determine what images to randomly select? The Wallpaper Press randomly selects images from the FOLDER IMAGES directory, a directory inside of the directory where Exact Change was installed.  If you installed only U.S. coinage when installing Exact Change, then all of the images randomly selected by the Wallpaper Press will be of U.S. coinage.  If you didn't install all the image files when you installed Exact Change, but would like draw from the 16,000 images on the DVD, then you can run the Wallpaper Press from the DVD and it will pull any of the images on the DVD.
Does the wallpaper press include maps and photos in the photomural when random images are selected? The wallpaper press will skip over any image file which has a name ending in MAP or PHOTO such as CROATIA.MAP.JPG.  This assures that the images randomly selected to represent each dot in the photomural will actually be a coin image; a photograph would stand out oddly.


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