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Though Exact Change includes images of coins from throughout that world, it is the ideal program for collectors who collect only United States coinage.  Our philosophy is that you shouldn't need to purchase different programs or "add-ons" to accommodate different types of collections.

Of course Exact Change includes all the features you'll find in other coin collecting software such as graphical reports and a custom report editor, label printing, and so forth.  But Exact Change goes beyond that to give you a detailed view of what's included in your collection and how these coins have performed.

For example, let's look at a couple of  two cent pieces dated 1865.  At 141 years old, it has a value of $16 in a grade of G-4.  In a grade of MS-63, the value is $150.  Since it was minted, the circulated coin has risen in value at an average rate of 4 percent while the uncirculated coin has risen at a rate of 7 percent.  Of course this was a non-linier increase and this pattern may not proceed in the future.  Had these coins been invested at a 5% rate, they would have a value today of $23.05.  But at a 10% rate over those years, that 2 cent investment would now be worth $26,530.38.  At the time these coins were minted, a two cent piece was worth just under a quarter in today's value.  The uncirculated piece valued at $150 has a value equivalent to $34.84 at the time the coin was minted.

While some of those examples are rather extreme, it would be difficult to maintain a 10% investment for a period of 141 years, this analysis can provide some startling insight into a coins performance.  Some lower grade coins, if sold for full value, would produce less buying power than they had when newly minted.

Of course, coin collecting is about much more than return on investment.  The magic of holding in your hand such a piece of history is what coin collecting is all about.  Exact change adds to your enjoyment of the coin by supplying an historical context for the coin.  Who was the president and vice president when this coin was minted?  What could a person back in 1865 buy with this coin?  These types of questions are answered by simply adding the coin to your collection.


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