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In 1998 Russia honored filmmaker Sergei Eisentstein on two 2 rouble coins.

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 The Exact Change training video is now available on-line!

 The training video is a half hour presentation that walks you through the basic functionality of the Exact Change program.

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Q&A Videos
The following videos address common questions about Exact Change.  If you have a question for which you'd like to see a Q&A video, please email us at WildMan@ExactChange.Info

  How do I rearrange items on the series editor?  I'd like to move countries or coin types around on the series editor.
Click here to view the video response
  How do I customize a coin series?  I'd like to make changes to a series, such as changing the name "Mercury dime" to "Winged Liberty dime" and I'd like the series editor to show my own coin rather than the stock image of a given coin type.
Click here to view the video response
  What is the Exact Change report editor?  I'd like to know what's involved in making a custom report.
Click here to view the video response

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