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Though bimetallic coins are common around the world, the 2000 Library of Congress commemorative remains the only U.S. bimetallic coin.

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The Exact Change Wallpaper Press is a program included on the Exact Change DVD.  It produces wall size photomurals which can draw attention to your next coin show booth, or add a numismatic flair to your den remodeling job.  It does this by printing small sections of the image, each on a different piece of paper.  The pages can then be tiled together, like wallpaper, to create a huge image which will cover an entire wall.

Upon closer inspection, you'll see that the larger image is actually made of thousands of smaller coin images.  Each dot, or pixel, that makes up the large image is actually itself a coin image.

In the image at right, the Wild  Man's dog lounges in front of a Mercury dime photomural created with the Exact Change Wallpaper Press.  The image is six feet wide and consists of 82944 small images.  Each of these images represents one dot in the overall image of the Mercury dime.  The mural was printed on 81 pieces of paper which were then tiled together.

Each dot in the photomural can be represented by the coin image of your choice.  Or, you can instruct the program to randomly select a different coin image to represent each dot.  In the photos at right, the same image is used for both the photomural and each of the dots that make up that photomural.

The photomural doesn't have to be a picture of a coin, you may choose to print a photomural of your company logo, for example.


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