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Coin collecting software
Coin collecting software

                                                Coin collecting software for U.S. or World coin collectors
Windows and Mac version 6.1.53 now available


If you haven't already done so, now is a great time to upgrade to Exact Change version Six.

To install the upgrade, just click on the "Download now" button in the upper-left corned of this window.

As always, this upgrade is free-of-charge for all licensed Exact Change users regardless of whether you bought the program yesterday or twenty years ago.

There have been quite a few large additions made recently to Exact Change's world coin database...

The database for Peru has been extended to include colonial milled coinage starting from 1751.

The database for Spain has been extended to include Spanish State issues of the early 1800s as well as Civil War issues of the 1930s.

The database for Colombia has now been extended backwards so that it now covers colonial milled coinage beginning in 1755

The database for France has now been extended even further backwards so that it now covers coinage beginning in 1610 with the reign of King Louis XIII

The database for Belgium has been extended backwards so that it now covers coinage from the Austrian Netherlands beginning in 1740

The database for Mexico has been extended backwards so that it now covers coinage starting with the Colonial Milled Coinage  of 1732 onward.

The database for Netherlands has been extended backwards to include Provincial issues beginning in the early 1600s.

The list of National Bank notes has been enhanced so the display now indicates the denominations and designs which were issued by the selected bank.
There is a new eBook available at no cost for all Exact Change users.

The C.I.A. World Factbook provides a wealth of information about nearly all of the modern-day countries included in the Exact Change database.  When you select any country on the "Series" page, the "eBook" page will display the applicable information about that country.  For more information, and to download this new eBook, check the eBooks section here.

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     Exact Change is the program of choice for coin and currency collectors of every level.  Exact Change's extensive database dwarfs those of other coin programs. And, with well over 75,000 full-screen color images, Exact Change provides comprehensive coverage of obscure coins that no other program even contemplates.

     Exact Change provides a wealth of powerful tools that are unique among coin programs.  No other program offers foreign date conversion or Exact Change's proprietary eBook functionality. Features such as unlimited user-defined fields allow complete customization of the program to accommodate your collecting interests.

     Whether you're entering a Roosevelt dime, a Mexican peso or a Tongan pa'anga; just select the coin type and indicate the year and Exact Change will provide a wealth of information such as mintage, weight, diameter, metallic content, melt value, KM number and much more.  With a single click you can go directly to the page in your Krause catalog DVD that references that coin type!


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