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Exact Change gold coin

The images supplied with Exact Change were scanned at extremely high resolutions.  This coin appears here at a fraction of it's size on the Exact Change DVD

"Use Exact Change Only"
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۞   There is no "annual fee" for Exact Change; no "update" or "upgrade" prices.  When you purchase Exact Change, you're done paying, period.  People who purchased Exact Change 10 or 15 years ago can download the latest release today, at no charge.

۞   The Exact Change database includes over 90,000 high quality images.  Of course this includes all types of U.S. circulation and commemorative coinage, but Exact Change goes far beyond that.  Images are included for nearly every country from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.  Click here to see more about world coins in Exact Change.

۞    Exact Change is currently the only software package for collectors that is licensed to include KM numbers from the Standard Catalog of World Coins.  As you enter coins into your collection, the KM numbers are automatically supplied by the program.

۞    Exact Change automatically downloads the closing spot prices for the precious coinage metals as well as exchange rates for 158 different foreign currencies.  With this information, the program can provide numeric values in any currency.  For example, when you enter a silver coin you can get that melt value in Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, or whatever currency you prefer. It works in reverse too; when printing 2x2 inserts, for example, you can print the sale price of a coin in both U.S. dollars and Euros and the program will calculate the conversion for you.

۞    Exact Change is ideal for all collectors, whether you collect coins and paper money from around the world or strictly U.S. coinage.  There's no need to purchase add-ons to cover all your numismatic interests.  Click here to see more about U.S. coinage in Exact Change.

۞    Exact Change is available for both Macintosh and Windows computers and they're file-compatible so you can easily share data files between them.

۞    Exact Change includes paper money from the U.S. and around the globe, it's not an additional purchase.

۞    Exact Change was carefully designed to provide the maximum information without a bunch of pop-up windows.  The layout of the program is ingenious in that every aspect of the user interface was meticulously reviewed to make it as intuitive as possible.  Click here to view the screen.  Functionality, however was not compromised for form; no other software package for coin collectors offers the features included in Exact Change. 

۞     Exact Change includes diameter and shape information in the database so that you can view a graphical comparison of a coin's size and shape to other common coins.  Diameters for most foreign coins are not published anywhere else, either in books or software (We've actually measured more than 11,000 coins with a calipers where the size had not previously been published).  This feature also makes it quick and easy to determine what size holders you may need.

۞    Date and mint mark combinations, as well as mintage figures (where they were recorded), are included for world coins.

۞    Exact Change includes precious metal contents for every coin so it can instantly tell you to within 1/10,000th of an ounce exactly how much silver, gold, palladium or platinum is in your coins, even if your collection contains an odd mixture of U.S. and foreign coinage.

The SBA  dollar from Exact Change is shown here at a greatly reduced size.  The images in the corners are SBA dollars from other major coin programs, reduced by the same percentage.

۞     The images in exact change are extremely high resolution, allowing you to see details in a way never before possible.  No other coin program provides images that can even begin to compare to Exact Change in quantity or quality.

۞     Exact Change includes a database of all 13,765 National Bank charters which appear on National Bank notes.  With a single click you can sort the list by charter number, city, county, state or bank name.

۞     Exact Change provides easy entry of coin information.  All the information about a coin can be entered on one screen, without pop-up windows.  The "Clone" button makes a copy a coin in your collection so that you can change only the information that is unique about the coin you're adding.  This allows you to enter a large number of similar coins with very few mouse clicks.   

    ۞ Exact Change is the unique source of information about several areas of numismatic specialization.  For Example, collectors of German notgeld (the German hard times tokens of the post-WWI era) can refer to the Lamb catalog, but it had a small print run back in 1966 and is today a very difficult book to find.  They can refer to to the Funck catalog, but only if they're fluent in German (the catalog, named "Die deutschen Notmünzen", is available only in German).  Or, they can refer to Exact Change, which offers thousands of images to help to identify these pieces.

۞    Exact Change enables you to add user-defined fields to your collection database.  With a few mouse clicks, you can add additional data entry fields into the records for each coin in your collection.  Thereafter, when you look at any coin in your collection, it will include a box to enter this extra information. You can add as many fields as you wish and they can be added or removed on the fly.  Exact Change includes "Smart fields" so you can, for example, add a history drop-down box to your user defined fields to permit quick selection of common responses.  Each collection you manage can have its own set of user definable fields.  Of course, Exact Change allows you to search and sort on your user defined fields just like any of the pre-defined fields.  Click here to learn more about user-defined fields.

۞    Users who have the Krause Publications Standard Catalog of World Coins on DVD can view the catalog right in Exact Change.  When you click on a coin type, Exact Change takes you right to the correct page in the correct catalog.  It doesn't go just to the country, it goes right to the page on which that particular coin type is listed!  Click here for more info about eBooks.

۞    Exact Change supports descriptive identifiers such as Full Head for Standing liberty quarters, Full Steps for Jefferson nickels, and Red, Red/Brown and Brown descriptors for copper coins, as well as over-dates and mint errors.  Varieties such as the Extra Leaf High and Extra Leaf Low Wisconsin quarters are also supported.

۞    For those who collect world coins, Exact Change includes ten date converters to decipher non-western dates.  Click here to learn more about the date converters.

۞    Live program updates assure that you're always up to date with the latest version of the program.  With just a mouse click, Exact Change will check for updates to the program or price lists and then automatically download and install them if you wish.  You can also download new images at any time, for any countries you select.

۞    Exact Change provides advanced search and sort functionality so that you can easily view information about your collection.  Click hear to learn more about searching and sorting.

Exact Change report sample

Exact Change includes an impressive set of graphical reports as well as a report editor that allows you to create custom reports, invoices and so forth.

۞   Exact Change produces fantastic reports with eye-catching graphics.  The included report editor allows you to create custom reports as well.  Of course Exact Change includes reports like want lists, sales lists, 2x2 inserts and so forth.  But Exact Change goes beyond the standard reports by providing information such as a comparison of a coin's value to its purchasing power at the time it was minted, adjusted for inflation (Exact Change has a table of Consumer Price Indexes back to 1776 with which it calculates inflation).

۞    Exact Change can easily be customized to organize your collection in whatever way best suites your needs.  You're free to add additional coin types and edit pricing information in the same manor the Wild Man does, so you're not locked into buying add-ons to accommodate additional countries or coin types.  For example, if you collect Chinese tea money, you can add that to your collection and Exact Change will treat it just like any coin series that came with the program.  Most coins from any country in the world are already included in the Exact Change database, so you can simply add the information about your specific coin.

Exact Change graph

Exact Change includes 3 dimensional interactive graphs to provide a visual summary of your collection.

۞    The tracking function in Exact Change allows you to search the coins in your collection based on any number of criteria.  For example, you can easily brows through all your coins that were purchased during a certain date range and that have a certain value.

۞    "Collection Themes" allow you to locate coins with specific design elements such as ships or animals.  Exact Change includes 17 predefined themes where the corresponding coin types have already been designated.  Of course, you can add and remove themes as you wish.

۞    Exact Change is not built upon an all-purpose database engine like Paradox, dBase, or Excel.  Instead, all data is processed entirely in memory.  As a result, your collection is stored is a single compact file that can easily be backed up (just like a word processor file), and Exact Change is able to do on-the-fly calculations that are simply impossible with any other coin collection software.  This has the added benefit that internet "Phishing" routines don't have the engine required to dissect an Exact Change database the way they can dissect an off-the-shelf database file.


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